1. Fumaric Acid (Food Grade / Industry Grade)

1. Fumaric Acid (Food Grade / Industry Grade)

Product Description

Product Description
Fumaric acid index

Item Unit Edible grade Technical grade
Index Top quality First quality
Appearance White crystalline powder White crystalline powder
Purity(base on fumaric acid) % 99.5 99.5 99.0
Water content % 0.5
Melting point 286-302
Ash content % 0.05
Chroma(in 5% ethanol) Hazen 15 15 25
Heavy metal(base on Pb) PPM 10
Arsenic(base on As) PPM 3

Note: Fumaric acid is one of the important organic chemical material, it is widely used in food, pharmacy and composite material etc...

Edible grade fumaric acid is used as acidifier to prepare soda pop, solid drinks, ice-cream etc...

Technical grade fumaric acid is mainly used in unsaturation unsaturation resin, coating, additive malic acid, sizing material, alkyd, electrical insulator, lube oil additive, elasticizer etc...

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