7. Inulin

7. Inulin

Product Description

Product Description
Inulin is a natural food ingreadient that is found in more than 36, 000 plants including leeks, onions, Jerusalem artichoke, chicory, garlic, and wheat. Inulin are mainly comprised of fructose units and typically have a terminal glucose. The fructose units in inulins are joined bu a beta -(2-1) glycosidic link. Plant inulins generally contain between 2 to 60 fructose units.

Our Inulin is extracted from our local artichike and chicory, it's approved by BCS(Germany) for organic product, and by OU for Kosher

Total Carbohydrate (on DM)  99.5% min
Inulin content  90+/-3%
Fructose  2.5%max
Glucose  1%max
Disaccharides  4.5%max
Moisture  5%max
Ash  0.5%max
Total free count  5000cfu/g max
Coliforms  30cfu/100g max
Pathogenic bacterium  Negative

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